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Information, Advice & Guidance

Puffins Training wants to ensure that all learners and prospective learners have access to high quality and impartial Information, advice and guidance (IAG) which promote the value of learning so that that they can make informed decisions about their training and their future careers.

It is the policy of Puffins to provide a service in accordance with the following principles:

  • We will provide responsive, timely, impartial and relevant information, advice and guidance to our learners;
  • We will be accessible to our learners so that they can easily approach us for the IAG that they need;
  • We will ensure that our staff are professional and knowledgeable, so that they can meet our learners’ needs;
  • We will collect, use and share feedback in order to continually improve our service;
  • Our learners deserve the right to confidentiality to protect their interests, in accordance with GDPR and our safeguarding responsibilities;
  • All learners will receive current, accurate and relevant information that is inclusive;
  • Every individual should be treated with courtesy and fairness and we respect the rights and beliefs of each other, regardless of gender, marital status, age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or position within the organisation
  • We will offer IAG to all members of the community when they engage with us to explore their training options.
  • Throughout their time with us, we will offer IAG to ensure that learners continue to benefit from their training and can make appropriate decisions about their career progression.
  • When learners are nearing the end of their training, we offer IAG to help them prepare for the next stage in their career.


Current learners can find our Learner Entitlement statement below. 

As a learner with Puffins Training Ltd. You are entitled to:

Information, advice and guidance through

high quality training and development,

where the health and well being of

learners is paramount.

1. Be treated with respect by all those involved in your training.

2. An initial assessment of your existing skills to identify the best level of training for you.

3. Additional learning support if needed.

4. Activities to identify your preferred learning style(s) to support our planning and meet individual needs.

5. An Individual Learning Plan detailing the training you will receive. This will be written by you, the learner and your tutor/Assessor

6. Information regarding learning outcomes and a schedule of relevant assessment.

7. An induction on your first day of training in the Nursery when you will be shown around and introduced to the people you need to know (such as your mentor) and be given information about your training.

8. A supportive, safe learning environment that promotes equality and diversity.

9. Clear guidance through the programme assessment requirements, including information for assessment.

10. To receive information and guidance with literacy and numeracy skills, and support in working towards the achievement of either level 1 or 2 qualifications, unless already achieved in GCSE or the equivalent.

11. To receive constructive feedback on your work, and advice to support you in improving your knowledge and understanding.

12. Fair assessment of your work which meets awarding body criteria.

13. Information, advice and guidance about career progression routes into employment or further study.
14. Regular payment of either a Training Allowance or a wage.