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Complaints and Appeals

Appeals and complaints policy
Appeals and Complaints Procedure
If you have any concerns and wish to complain, you can contact the Senior Training Manager either in writing by phone or email at the contact details below.
Puffins Training Ltd
13 Mont Le Grand
Exeter EX1 2HR
Phone 01392 496017

The Senior Training Manager will try to resolve the issue within five working days. If you still feel dissatisfied after this, the Puffins Training Ltd Managing Director can then be contacted at the above address so appropriate action can take place.
If you still feel dissatisfied after this, and wish to take your complaint further, you can contact the ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) who will then deal with your case.

For Students, Puffins Training has an appeals procedure which you’re entitled to use if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your assessment. You may appeal because:
• You feel the trainer did not consider all of the evidence
• You feel the assessment was biased
• You feel the trainer did not understand you
• You feel the assessment was unfair
• You feel any other part of the assessment process wasn’t completed as it should have been.

Any appeal against the decision by an EPO must be referred directly to them, support will be provided by Puffins Training in any such appeal.

The first step when making an appeal is to talk to the trainer about the situation to see if they can sort out the problem. If not, the Senior Training Manager will look through the evidence to see if they are satisfied with the decision.

If you still feel after this that the judgement was unfair, the work will be passed to the External Quality Assuror, who works for the awarding body and therefore their decision will be final.
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