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Welcome to this month’s training magazine. We are really pleased with the success of our recent Recruitment Days, and wish the potential candidates the best of luck in their taster days. We are holding another set of Recruitment Days on the 5th and 6th of July, so if you are interested in a training course with Puffins Training, please get in touch. 

Advice booklets

During our recent learner rep meeting we have come up with some ideas for some information booklets that have been designed by the learners to support you through different personal issue. We would really like some ideas and opinions, or even your own stories or advice to add to the booklet.

The first booklet is about Stress Management and tips on dealing with stress; the following booklets will be based around the topics of: managing money, keeping safe, confidence and self esteem and safe sex. If you have any ideas or would like to be on the ‘press gang’ for writing the booklets please let us know.

Feedback from you

As we prepare for the new learners, we would like to update the current handbook in order to give them relevant information. During our recent learner rep meeting we thought of some extra bits which could be added to the booklet to support them. These could be things that they may not have been told when they started or something which they haven’t understood. The committee have come up with some good ideas and if you have any suggestions as to what you may have liked to have known when you started then please let me know.

Learner entitlement statement:

Entitlement statement

Disability Equality Scheme:

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